Makie Nobanda SC

Year of admission    : 1996

Conferment of silk : 2014

Contact details.        : 082 687 8022

Email                         :

Euphodia Liza Tsatsi SC

Year of Call: 2003

Area of Practice: Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Family Law, Immigration Law Insolvency Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, Labour Law Land Claims, Property and Restitution Law, Law of Defamation, Medical law and Medical Negligence, Media Law, Municipality and Disputes Law, Pension Law, Personal Injury, Trusts and Estate law, Unlawful Arrest and Detention, International law. 

Contact Details: 076 425 8150


Narisha Bhangwandeen

Year of Call: 2002

Contact Details:084 506 2134



Icho Matlou 

Year of Call: 2018 

Contact Details: 071 501 9413


Kisten Reece 

Year of Call: 2016 

Contact Details: 072 248 3686



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